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Beyond the G-Spot- Secrets of the Female Human Body & The U Spot

by Sacha Tarkovsky

Posted Mar 25th 2007,
Read 206 times since then.

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There has much been written about the G-Spot (named after its discoverer, Grafenburg). It is an area within the woman’s vagina that, when stimulated, can bring intense pleasure.

Now due to the advances in non-invasive anatomical investigation with MRIs, CAT scanners, and other highly sensitive investigative instruments, the human form is revealing more of its secrets.

Here we examine two newly discovered pleasure areas within the general area of the female genital zone.

The U-Spot.

The U-spot is a small area of highly sensitive erectile tissue located just above and on both sides of the urethral opening.

Some American clinical researchers have recently discovered this aera, and proved that if it was stimulated by caress, with the tongue, the head of the penis, or even a lubricated finger, it brought an unexpected and highly intense erotic response.

This is not the urithiral opening, but just above and to ether side of it.

There is no U-spot underneath the urithra towards the vagina. Care should be taken when attempting to stimulate it, and ask for feedback from your partner.

The Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone (also known as the A-Spot or T-Spot ,or just AFE)

Recently a Malaysian physician reported the existence of a highly sensitive erotic area just above the cervix, at the innermost point of the vagina. The cervix is a part of the uterus that extends slightly into the vagina.

As it so extends, it leaves a depressed circular area, technically called the anterior fornix. Tests have shown that pressure on this area causes the vagina to lubricate very quickly.

In fact, direct stimulation of the AFE zone can cause immediate and profound contractions only found in orgasm. Some anatomists say the AFE zone is really a evolutionary degenerated prostate, homologous to a man’s prostate gland that would be located in just about the same place.

The AFE – Zone and Erotic Pleasure

Technically, the AFE Zone is a vortex of the nerves that carry information from your whole genital to the spinal cord and brain. These nerves, when stimulated, send arousal signals to the part of your nervous system which enhances engorgement of appropriate areas, ans is responsible then for sexual arousal.

This is also true for women that normally are not sexually responsive. Obviously the most easy way to locate the AFE zone is to slide the fingers halfway up the posterior vaginal wall you will find a larger area than the G-spot, which is slightly rougher than the normal vaginal wall.

Recently specially shaped vibrators (long, then and with the neck bent in an oblique way) have come onto the marketplace which are meant for self-stimulation of the AFE zone.

Size Matters?

This is long-standing debate on the benefits or deficiencies of a large and long penis. In the case of the AFE zone, no matter the size of a man’s penis, he must be experienced to find, and then stimulate the AFE zone.

For the man with a shorter penis, there are some advantagous positions to shorten the woman’s uterous, and thus still find a way to stimulate the AFE zone as well.

The use of the advanced missionary, where the woman will have her legs drawn to her breast, with the man’s arms both holding her legs apart, and suspending himself, will create, even if he is short and small of penile stature, complete penetration and stimulation of the AFE zone.

Due to small depression at its location, and roughness of the area, it also provides some intense pleasure for the man as well.

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