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Casanova's Secret Love Secret – Use It!

by Sacha Tarkovsky

Posted Mar 25th 2007,
Read 619 times since then.

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Giacomo Casanova is perhaps one of the most famous “lovers” of all time. By his own accounts, he had in his life 122 affairs, and they were all special events (if we are to believe what we read).

It seems that Casanova had some secret love techniques, and we will reveal them for you below.

When Casanova was arrested by the Inquisition, they found among his papers and books a volume of Arentino's book on sexual positions.

This is a unique dialog between two women that had both been wife, prostitute and nun. They describe their favorite positions and techniques, which no doubt, Casanova made very good use of.

Casanova’s sexual techniques, and secrets, were not at all limited to the bedroom. Reading though his autobiography (all four volumes), there is a general pattern of activity that contributed to his success with women.

His secret love techniques began the moment he met the woman. The routine he followed was flawless in its execution and planning, and was always a success.

•Study the woman. How is she dressed? How has she presented herself to the world?

•Decide on some small gift. In Casanova’s days, chocolate (as a drink) was novel and expensive. He would prepare it for the lady himself, personally. Some other women he would present flowers, or an expensive bonnet (very fashionable then), or some trinket of beautify. Think this doesn’t work, think again.

•Arrange for a meal. It was difficult for Casanova to divorce the pleasures of the table with those of the bedroom. He would always feed his lovers, in advance of any other activity if he had the chance.

•Be foreword and dominant. Casanova was always the man, the took the lead. In his concept, women prefer men of this category, and his life showed this to be true.

The above technique brought Casanova to the point where he could employ the positions mentioned in Agentino’s Dialogue (illustrated).

Casanova had his absolute favorites, to be exact.

Side to Side, with woman’s leg raised. In this position, Casanova reclines holding his head up with one arm, and the raised leg of the woman with the other. He would penetrate from the rear, but underneath, and forceful thrusting. This position is for the normal to large sized man, and is super pleaser to the woman. Although there is no clitoral stimulation, there is direct G-spot and AFE Zone stimulation.

The second position was by far Casanova’s favorite, and was used with those women he wished to express his love for.

Casanova would sit on the edge of a bed with his legs on the floor. He would mount the woman on top of him, with her legs wrapped around his waste, her arms around his neck. There is no thrusting. The woman would be penetrated in this pose to gain maximum clitoral stimulation and G-spot/AFE Zone all at the same time. The woman would be pressed to the maximum penetration, and he would move in circles and then a rocking motion.

As the world’s greatest love, Casanova employed this techniques again and again because they worked and worked well.

Do not forget the preliminaries, not foreplay. All we read about in foreplay was copious amounts of kissing, but we can let our own imagination tell us what the Master Lover was doing.

His greatest secret in love however, was revealed in one comment, which is

“Real love is the love that sometimes arises after sensual pleasure: if it does, it is immortal; the other kind inevitably goes stale, for it lies in mere fantasy."

Guys, you can learn from Casanova and his legacy lives on!

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