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Fellatio Ė How To Pleasure Your Partner

by Sacha Tarkovsky

Posted Mar 25th 2007,
Read 1221 times since then.

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Most men love this.

Fellatio is the act of applying your lips to a man's penis with the purpose of giving him pleasure.

The lips and the tongue are the major sources of stimulation in Fellatio and it is the lips and tongue that you can use to make your partner enjoy a mind blowing experience.

While practice makes perfect, here are some basic tips on how to improve your Fellatio technique.

Watch your teeth to prevent hurting him suck in your lips to remove the problem of your teeth grazing or nicking him. Safety.

If you're unsure of your partners history play safe and use a condom.

Oral sex is easier and gives more pleasure without a condom, but you need to think of your own health and donít take unnecessary risks.

Condoms can actually however be quite fun

Try some flavored condoms on the market and applying water-based lubRICANT to the penis before you put on the condom will greatly increase his pleasure when receiving.


Get into a position that is comfortable and allows you unhindered access to all areas of the penis. If you are kneeling use a pillow under your knees so that you can concentrate and donít be afraid to change angles and positions.


The key to giving your man pleasure is enthusiasm, let him know you are enjoying it to and this enthusiasm will arouse him even more.

No one wants to feel like their partner is just doing it to please them they want to know you enjoy it to!

It will make the experience that much more pleasurable for him.

Variety is the spice of life

Donít always use the same moves or techniques in the same order surprise him each time and this means using your imagination and plenty of variety, keep him guessing

Make him respond.

Whether it's harder, softer, faster or slower, no one knows exactly what he wants better than your partner so get him to respond to you.

This can either be verbally, or more subtle clues such as moans and groans.

Whichever way you do it, make him feel that he can let you know exactly how he likes fellatio.

Start gently.

You can start gently slowly stroke, kiss, and lick, run your tongue up and down the penis shaft, take the penis all the way into your mouth and start to build the experience. The anticipation of the warm up can do wonders for his imagination and expectation.

Be uninhibited.

Women exert considerable control over their partnerís aroused, erect penis and it is important to be uninhibited and enjoy fellatio.

While you can start slowly, the best way to satisfy your partner is to exert more pressure as you progress.

Really try and get into and concentrate on what you are doing, free your mind and you will provide a massive amount of pleasure

The Sensitive spot

On the underside of the penis, just below the head, you will find a small ridge of skin known as the fenulum.

This area of the penis on many men is extremely sensitive and learning to hit this spot at the right time while performing, can enhance his pleasure considerably.

Bring it to conclusion.

Once he's fully aroused and heading towards what will be a satisfying orgasm, its time to bring things to a conclusion.

Use gentle but firm suction and use an up and down motion with your head to move him toward conclusion and satisfaction.

Use Your Hands as well!

You can also use your hands to add some variety to Fellatio.

Run your hands over his chest, legs and grab his behind, also gently cup his testicles and fondle them.

You can also run your hand up and down the penis shaft as you use your mouth to heighten the experience.

This will make him feel great; it adds variety and shows your enthusiasm.

So, there you have hit a quick guide to the pleasures of Fellatio. Keep in mind enthusiasm, variety and expectation, combined with lots of practice and you are well on your way to great Fellatio!

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