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Mid Age Erectile Dysfunction

by Gareth Jax

Posted Mar 24th 2007,
Read 1408 times since then.

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From the age of about 40 years on men start to deteriorate. There is no other word for it and there is not point in being kind by using euphemisms. Men decline and along with it comes the so-called mid-life crisis with its mid age erectile dysfunction.

After around 40 men lose various things like hair, memory, muscle, motivation and aggression. They tend to sleep less, lose strength and speed, gain weight, sweat more and get flushes and irritable. They tire more easily, and so on, and so on.

OK, some dont succumb till well over 40, and some unfortunates start in their 30s, but it comes to us all. The loss of aggression is caused by loss of testosterone which also brings on other problems. Their sex drive reduces and they tend to suffer from mid age erectile dysfunction.

All this is called the ‘andropause’ – the male version of the menopause – and it can be devastating to some men. I is caused by the gradual reduction in testosterone in men which starts in the early 30s and proceeds at around 10% a year.

Testosterone is the hormone that makes a man a man. It gives him the aggression against other males, it give him his sexuality, his fertility, his hair, his muscular physique and all the other attributes which distinguish a male from a female. As the production of testosterone in the male body decreases, all of the attributes of maleness begin to decline. Andropause leads to vascular and cardiac problems, osteoporosis, and in extreme cases, death.

You can reduce the effects of the andropause if you take steps to avoid or reduce some of these symptoms. Attention to diet, especially alcohol and tobacco use, and a planned exercise program can help to achieve this.

During this period of your life SizeGenetics can help you, specifically with mid age erectile dysfunction problems. SizeGenetics is based on two specific treatments to increase penis size, longer lasting and stronger erections and orgasms, maximum sexual performance and cure your mid age erectile dysfunction.

The SizeGenetics systems is based on a traction device. By keeping the penis under constant tension, new cells are generated to compensate and so increase length and girth, or at the very least to maintain its original size. The penis is forced to grow to maintain the artificial tension it is put under. It is based on a scientifically proven technique and it can cure mid age erectile dysfunction. The science is valid and it works!

The SizeGenetics system comes with a free membership to PenisHealth. This is a site which provides medically researched and tested penis exercise programs to promote growth and strength of the penis. Doctors recommend it as the exercise stimulate blood flow in the pubic area together with penile cell growth which together help to maintain erections and penile shape.

If you want to maintain your sexual performance into and past your forties, SizeGenetics is for you. You may also find it gives you stronger erections and better sex than you ever had before. So stop worrying about mid age erectile dysfunction and get started with SizeGenetics.

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