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Women's Erogenous Zones

by Michael Chang

Posted Mar 25th 2007,
Read 5404 times since then.

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Do you know which parts of women's body is their erogenous zones? Not sure? Today we will find out. Unlike men, women require a great deal of foreplay to get those juices flowing. Yes, for men, they became excited immediately visually and gets turn-on within seconds when their partner takes off their clothing, but on the other hand, women takes a longer time then man to get turns-on. Men have to learn to be patient in order to fully satisfy their partner. For women who haven't discovered your pleasure zones, get him to do it with you!

Inner Thighs

The inner thighs are usually ignored by women who are self-conscious of their cellulite as well as by men who get distracted by the main thoroughfare. For women, you should learn to let go of your inhibitions and instead introduce him to this potentially sensual zone. For guy, you must avoid biting hard as the soft tissues there bruise easily. You don't want to hurt your partner, right? So be gentle.

Behind The Knee

Gentle is the way to go when it comes to this area. As the skin there is sensitive and thin, being too rough will turn what could be arousing into really annoying. You won't want to get interrupted halfway due to your partner venting her frustration at you for being rough, right? So again gentle is the keyword. For women, you can ask him to lick the back of your knees gently and see if it works for you. Remember mutual communication is vital, tell him to stop nicely if you are feeling uncomfortable.

Lower Back

The back of women's body has lots of sensitive nerves and stress acupressure points. Guys, instead of going straight to massage her back, you can give her a slow, sensual backrub to loosen her body up. By doing this will increase the blood flow to the pelvic area and could even enhance arousal.

Scalp And Neck

Guys, do you know that that stress-busting hair salon head massage could work wonders in the bedroom too? Stroke her hair and gently massage her scalp as well as the back of her neck. She will enjoy it.


Obvious? Not really kissing on the lips is often overlooked during foreplay. Women, if you think that he doesn't kiss you enough, tell him nicely or you might want to take the lead by sucking on his puckers, teasing his mouth with your tongue or letting your lips linger longingly over his.

How To Touch For Best Effect?

Use this technique known as pattes d'araignee (spider's legs in French). It will works wonder! Using only your fingertips, stroke the hairs on your partner's skin so lightly. By touching so gently, you are creating an electric and erotic effect.

How Can I Boost My Sex Life?

An average or small penis will not be able to penetrate deeper into those sensitive nerve endings found on her private parts, thus women will not be able to enjoy immerse pleasure that a bigger and longer penis could. If you currently have an average or small penis, don't worry since you can do something about it and enhance your sex life. There are numerous scientifically proven ways to help you get a bigger penis. Examples are penis enlargement extenders, penis enlargement pills, penis enlargement exercises, penis enlargement patches. Why give her less than average sex, when you can do something and give her the best sex ever?

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